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​Pro-Tech Waterproofing Solutions, Inc. is always looking for ways to make your water problems disappear and to share information about new techniques in waterproofing.  Look here for information on how to maintain your home against devastating water damage.  If you have a question, shoot us an email.
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Contact Us Today - 800.734.8217

Condensation and excessively hot days

by Pro-Tech Team on 06/20/12

At this time of the year and especially on days like today when the temp. is 96 degrees many are tempted to open their basement windows with the thought of airing out their basement.  This is one of the worst things that can be done because all it does is increase the amount of humidity in the basement and creates condensation. 

The best thing that one can do is keep the windows and doors to the basement closed and keep that dehumidifier operating at about 40% R H.  This will help to minimize the condensation buildup that is naturally trying to occur. 

Protech Waterproofing Solutions Has a New Website!

by Pro-Tech Team on 06/06/12

We're pleased to announce that our new website is now live and ready for you to take it for a spin around the block.  Our Facebook page has just been added, so please head on over and "like" us.  We'll be getting our YouTube channel up soon along with LinkedIn and Twitter. 

We want to thank Liz Provo of Mass Marketing Resources for her work getting our new site up and running.

Dampproofing Falls Short For Basements

by Pro-Tech Team on 05/23/12

Fact is, dampproofing material wasn't created to protect basements – or even repel water, for that matter. It's actually a type of unmodified asphalt originally created to prepare road surfaces for other materials.

In typical installations, dampproofing is applied in a layer that's at most 10 mils thick when cured. The material degrades quickly underground, becomes brittle and shatters at low temperatures. Dampproofing won't span foundation cracks. As the foundation develops new cracks over time, dampproofing cracks right along with it. Dampproofing does not serve as a barrier against water entering these cracks. And, unlike waterproofing, dampproofing won't stop water under hydrostatic pressure, which occurs naturally underground. 

The composition and performance of dampproofing products simply don't stack up to the composition and performance of waterproofing products. For information on products we recommend, please visit our products page. 

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