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​Pro-Tech Waterproofing Solutions, Inc. is an authorized dealer for TUFF-N-DRI® waterproofing systems.  TUFF-N-DRI® begins with a polymer-enhanced asphalt membrane (A). This waterproofing membrane is spray-applied to seamlessly bridge foundation settling cracks and seal out water penetration. It also remains flexible at colder temperatures to provide protection, season after season.

Next, a quality foundation board (B) is installed on top of the membrane, protecting it against backfill damage. The foundation board drains underground water directly to the perimeter drainage system, preventing hydrostatic pressure from building up against the waterproofing system. In addition, the foundation board insulates basement walls -- important not only to reduce energy loss but also a key to minimizing interior condensation. TUFF-N-DRI uses WARM-N-DRI® foundation board from Owens Corning because of its 30-year track record of below-ground drainage performance.

TUFF-N-DRI is designed to be used in conjunction with a foundation perimeter drainage system. It can be used in combination with traditional drain tile and gravel systems (C).

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